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Welcome to Roots and Rosemary! I’m Rachel Alexandra and I’m so glad you found my blog. This is where I share clean eating tips, allergy insights, and nourishing recipes. I hope you find my site helpful and enjoy trying some new, homemade foods!

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I create a variety of nourishing, whole food recipes, plus a few indulgent desserts as well!

I share my life experiences with food allergies and strive to spread awareness for the condition. The more we’re educated the safer we can be!

I love working with companies and bloggers who share my clean eating philosophy. Contact me if you have ideas about working together!

Rachel’s Story

Growing up in the Wisconsin countryside, I developed a
passion to know where my food comes from. I also made a
habit of reading every single food label due to my life
threatening food allergies. Being informed about the
ingredients in processed foods, combined with the knowledge
of growing and making my own, I embarked on my clean eating
journey. In 2016, I launched my blog Roots and
Rosemary where I share unique recipes, healthy living tips,
and food allergy insights.

I now live on 20 acres with my husband, two ponies, and puppy at the Fricke Farmhouse. We have a huge garden and hope to add some chickens to the family this year. Given my passion for sustainable agriculture, I am currently working on my MSc in Global Food Security and Nutrition from the University of Edinburgh.

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