About Roots & Rosemary

About Roots & Rosemary

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About Roots & Rosemary

Rachel Fricke

Blogger, Photographer, and Clean Food Connoisseur

Welcome to Roots & Rosemary! Iā€™m Rachel Alexandra and Iā€™m so glad you found my blog. This is where I share healthy living tips, allergy insights, and fresh, nourishing recipes… plus a few desserts (everything in moderation, right? šŸ˜‰). I hope you find my blog helpful and enjoy trying some new, healthy foods!

In 2020, I got my bachelor’s degree in Animal Sciences from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I am now pursuing my master’s in Global Food Security and Nutrition from the University of Edinburgh. I am so passionate about nutrition education (especially as it pertains to women’s health) and I hope to use this platform to inform and empower others to take action for their health.

When Iā€™m not in the kitchen creating recipes and taking photos, I keep myself busy with the Wisconsin homestead I share with my amazing husband Daniel. I have a 1200 square foot garden that I hope to double next year. (Mostly because I underestimated how much space squash take up…whoops!) We’re also planning to add a few feathered friends next spring to join our two sweet (and very silly) ponies, Elliott and Smokey.

Iā€™d love to hear from you, so feel free to introduce yourself in the comments below or on my contact page! Thanks for stopping by.