Savoury Eggless Breakfast Casserole

Savoury Eggless Breakfast Casserole

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Without eggs, it can be a real challenge to find good breakfast or brunch options that aren’t terribly sweet. Although I used to love sweet breakfasts, I find that they leave me craving carbs the rest of the day. So rather than indulging in a Gooey Cinnamon Raisin Roll first thing in the morning, I’ll enjoy that treat later and start off on the right foot with something high protein and without all the sugar. Lately, I’ve been making this Savoury Eggless Breakfast Casserole filled with potatoes, cheese, pastured pork, and lots of veggies. It’s easy to make ahead of time to reheat on busy mornings for a super satisfying way to start the day!

What do I need to make Savoury Eggless Breakfast Casserole?

Here’s a list of everything you’ll need to make this delicious Savoury Eggless Breakfast Casserole:

Using high quality ingredients is at the root of the most delicious food. Although spices might seem like a trivial ingredient because of the small quantity, the quality and freshness of spices and herbs is paramount. This Savoury Eggless Breakfast Casserole contains fennel seeds, rubbed sage, dried thyme, and cayenne pepper from The Spice House for maximum flavour. I definitely recommend checking out they’re vast array of herbs and spices for all your culinary needs!

Homemade Sausage

When making this Savoury Eggless Breakfast Casserole, I knew I needed to include a high-quality, nourishing meat that wasn’t full of chemicals and fillers. I was dissatisfied with all the premade breakfast sausage options, so I made my own instead. I started with plain ground, pastured pork. If you have access to it, I highly suggest using the most local, organic, and pasture-raised pork you can find. If it’s not an option, using conventional pork to make homemade sausage will still be a lot better for you than buying premade sausage!

Place the ground pork in a cast iron skillet on medium heat and add half of a diced onion. As the meat starts to brown and the onion softens, add a clove of minced garlic too. Use a spatula or wooden spoon to break up the meat into bite sized pieces as it cooks. Stirring often will also prevent the garlic from burning. When the meat is about halfway browned, add the spices and pure maple syrup. I use a blend of thyme, sage, fennel seeds, cayenne pepper, salt, and tellicherry pepper from The Spice House. If your fennel seeds are whole, crush them in a mortar and pestle to get the most flavour. Whisk the spices together before adding so they are evenly mixed into the meat.

When the sausage is fully cooked, whisk the milk and tapioca starch in a small bowl. Pour the mixture into the skillet and whisk it into the sausage on medium-low heat. When the milk thickens, remove the skillet from the heat and set aside.

Prepping the Veggies

While the sausage is cooking, preheat the oven to 350 degrees and have a 9×13 glass baking dish ready. To shred the potatoes, I use my Kitchen Aid mixer attachment. If you don’t have an electric shredder, the potatoes can be grated on a regular cheese grater. When I use red or Yukon gold potatoes, I don’t peel them since the skins have lots of good nutrition. However, I often do peel russet potatoes because the skin turns the rest of the potatoes a dark colour when baking. It’s nothing to worry about, but is less aesthetically pleasing.

When the potatoes are shredded, put them in a large bowl and mix in a diced bell pepper, a cup of diced zucchini (fresh or frozen), two cups of fresh spinach (or other dark leafy green), a cup of frozen peas, and about half of the shredded cheese. Be sure to shred the cheese yourself instead of buying it pre-shredded! It will taste and melt a lot better when it’s not coated in anti-caking agents and mold inhibitors! Transfer this veggie mixture to the baking dish and pour the sausage and milk over the top and spread it out. Top it all off with the remaining cheese and bake for about 45 minutes. When it is ready, the potatoes should be tender when poked with a fork and the cheese should be melted and beginning to brown on top.

Remove from oven and let cool for ten minutes before slicing. Leftovers can be stored in the refrigerator and reheated all week long for a quick, healthy breakfast!

I hope you enjoy this Savoury Eggless Breakfast Casserole! Be sure to leave a rating and let me know what you think in the comments below! Happy baking!

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